Blackbird Sing

Blackbird Sing has found the recipe to blending the swaggering bravado of punk, emotively captivating lyrics of the grandest forms of folk, rural country music aesthetics, the experimentation of an indie band with nothing to lose, and good old fashioned Americana that can only be described as exclusively their own. If asked, lead singer Vito Salinas will tell it like he has countless times before, “It’s not how you play. It’s what you play that really matters.”

In less than a year, Blackbird Sing’s unique blend of modern musical genres combined with heartfelt lyrics catapulted them to the attention of music lovers and critics throughout Texas. From their first stage performance in June of 2010, Blackbird Sing’s acclaim began to rise and people began to take notice. In 2010, Robert Vito won the prestigious Rammy award for top vocalist in the San Antonio Texas local music community and the band as a whole was selected as runner up for best Country/Americana band in the same year.

Taking no time to rest while on their rise to prominence, the band quickly cut a fantastic self-titled EP the same year. This showcased the band’s chemistry with each member playing an intricate role in the development of the “Texicana” sound. With a style that echoed shades of current popular folk/country rock bands like Wilco and The Avett Brothers, it wasn’t very long before Blackbird Sing began to spread its influence throughout the region. The self-styled “Heirs of Bexar” (the county in which the city of San Antonio resides) used singles such as the lament-driven “Manxiety” and the esoteric “Hales” to elevate themselves above the masses of garage bands and artistic dilettantes in an industry starved for originality.

Their efforts culminated in being the only band from San Antonio selected to compete in the esteemed Shiner Rising Star tournament, which brings together the best Texas has to offer in musical acts to vie for the ultimate title of Rising Star. Travelling far outside of their sphere of influence and hometown fans, Blackbird Sing won the contest in late 2011 and is currently signed to Shiner Records, who will release their debut album Enemies From Years of Loving in April 2013. Working diligently has allowed the band opportunities to open for the acclaimed Ray Wylie Hubbard, Frank Turner, Two Tons of Steel, Tumbledown, Sleeper Car, The Trishas and more just within the last two years alone!



Blackbird Sing:
Vito Salinas: Singer/Songwriter, Guitar
George Ransom: Bass
James Magallanez: Guitar, Percussion, and Harmonica
Daniel Magallanez: Drums
Andy Salazar: Lead Guitar, Piano, and Trumpet

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