Grant Cook

Grant Cook in no stranger to the music industry. Based out of East Texas, Grant has been performing professionally since the age of 11. During that time, he has recorded and shared the stage with a handful of major recording artists and is also a recording artist himself on TopCat Records. You can find his music on I-Tunes, Rhapsody, and almost any other Internet music sales venue. If you want to see him in action, there are plenty of video footage from concerts and festivals on his website to view for free.

His live performances across the ArklaTex region are a mixture of songs from his CD to his own arrangements of fun cover tunes. Whether he is doing a Solo Acoustic gig with his Kona K1E or Playing his Kona Manta with his full band, you’ll find Grants show as a Variety of music with a lot of originality. If you love Praise music, you can find him on Television and Satellite Radio live each week at Discoverlife Tv.

While performing over 250 engagements each year, Grant owns a music store and teaches 9 different instruments. He plays almost every model of Kona Guitars and also keeps them in the hands of his many students. His commitment to Kona Guitars will carry long into the future of new musicians.