High Ground

Rick Altis plays our basses. Banjo here and there that someone plays….maybe a TR guitar at times is seen.

Take four seasoned musicians, mix well, and what do you get? A high energy bluegrass band that sells out it's shows! High Ground has quickly gained a reputation as a professional, entertaining band. Five hot pickers and four great vocalists.
Hang on! It's going to be a wild ride!

Rick Altis

Rick was born in Franklin County, Virginia, to musical parents. He grew up in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a home that made up for what it lacked in money with lots of love and music. His parents worked hard, but they always took time for music and encouraged their three children to do the same.

As a child he stood on a chair so he could play his Daddy’s upright Bass and “jam” with the adults. The Altis “Parlor” always had guitars, basses, and other instruments lying around and while most of those instruments cost as much as his Dad made in six months, he was always encouraged to pick them up and play.

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