Londons Dungeon

“London’s Dungeon” began as a concept when frontman/vocalist, London, started composing his darker music during a time in his life that was filled with betrayal and deception of the ultimate kind.
Dissatisfied with the perception of organized religion already, the final “Judas kiss” was when longtime childhood friend, a "man of the cloth", committed the act of infidelity with his beloved.
The s...elf-proclaimed pastor, his minions, and former partner made way for “London’s Dungeon” to become a reality instead of the own personal hell that he was cast into.

Pulling himself out of the darkness was only possible by expressing his feelings lyrically. Once the songs were composed, the healing began.
Moving forward, finding the light again, and new personal beginnings, London decided that there are many people in the world that have been thrown into the dungeon of their own minds due to similar circumstances. Hoping that the words inspire those afflicted with the sickness of hate, pain, and anger may find peace thru his music.

Being a musician, and heavily involved with many bands and entertainers, London still felt something was missing in his life. This project was his final stand to confront those demons, and make them serve him, instead of haunting him.

London was finally ready to put the words to melody. Choosing the right band mates & production of the album "413", was a long time in the making. Trying several times to choose the right members, the current line-up was a long process.

The band & management team interviewed several drummers to add to the line up. Finally a decision was made when they had just one practice with drummer Roy Pellerin.
Roy can pound the skins, and twirl sticks to make your head spin. His amazing talent shines, and was the missing link to make this band what it is today.
Roy Pellerin, who is an exceptionally talented and experienced musician, is no stranger to rock n roll or touring the open road. Roy has been playing drums since his youth, and has been in several bands throughout the years. He's utilized this to enhance his musicianship, and passion for performing, to bring a ROCK solid foundation to their music. As with the rest of this brotherhood, Roy has gone through similar circumstances & experienced resurrection, only making him stronger. Now the union is complete.

Being involved with several bands & individuals, London was compelled to re-connect with long time friend, bassist, Pierce VR.
Pierce has been involved in the music industry for several years.
Coming from a long line of heavy metal from deep south Mississippi, at age 14, Pierce joined his first band.
Pierce played in several bands through the years, but nothing was satisfying him. Pierce decided to join the military where he served 9 years.
His most recent endeavor, before joining London's Dungeon, was playing with "Wicked Attraction" that featured reality TV personality & American Idol contestant, Nikki McKibben.
Wanting to write and play more original material, Pierce moved on to look for another band. Less than 24 hours into the search, he was in the dungeon, & has brought the style, personality, & creativity they were looking for.
Pierce brings hard, heart-thumping bass playing & stage presence to the show that is not soon forgotten.

Following Pierce's entrance to LD, along came a young, British guitar player.
Troy Knight.
Born in London, England in'87, Troy comes from a long line of entertainers and musicians. Heavily inspired by his father (Tyrone Knight) to pick up the guitar Troy made many atempts to persue a musical career in England, & later moved to the US in 2006 to form bands "Adeline Drive", "Rehab for Heroes" and later joining "Under a Spell".
Troy had a chance meeting with London while performing with "Under a Spell" & talked for hours about London's desire to start London's Dungeon & the music industry.
Troy left the music scene, shortly after that show, to persue starting a family and furthering his career in the automotive field.
Troy left the music industry for 2 years. After a 5 year long relationship Troy's heart along with his plans for a family, were broken. Within 24 hours of the break up, Troy answered a mysterious and vague ad to join a rock band. Low and behold, it was London's Dungeon.
With London rejuvinating Troy's true love for music and dreams of a career in music, Troy soon became one of the many driving forces behind the band, never missing a practice and even playing with a broken hand. Troy has brought new life to the band with enthusiasm, good work ethic, loads of new material and songs from heavier riffs to softer melodies and branching out into other influences from blues, classical and electronic. The British have come and he's here to stay!!!

The “London’s Dungeon” concept is already widely known by many, they are eagerly anticipating the release of "413". This brotherhood of musicians are ready to tour the world bringing their own style of mayhem.

This talented group has been practicing hard, and has a set list of originals and covers that is sure to leave you wanting them to play more.
London’s Dungeon has been a long time coming, and we are convinced that good things are worth waiting for…

Looking forward to coming to your town.
Come Heaven or Hell, we will see YOU there!

The complete line-up is as follows: London- (Lead Vocals), Troy Knight- (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Back up Vocals), Pierce VR- (Bass, Back up Vocals), Roy Pellerin- (Drums)

For Booking Information:
Bleach and Bones Entertainment : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information & Media Inquiries:
Angela Eckhout: General Manager, Tour Manager, Booking Agent   817-734-1619

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