what people say about us

  • John

    Thank you for your quick reply, I stumbled on the Kona guitars while doing my pawn shop thing looking for bargains and such I asked to see the Kona that was hanging on the wall and was totally amazed at the sound that came from this guitar, it had a rich deep sound that matched or even bet my 1966 Gibson J-50, I asked the price and was hard pressed not to buy it so I did, I take it every where. I felt with this if something would happen to it well no problem, I baby it as if it had cost 1000 dollars, I finally bought a hard shell case that cost more then the guitar did. I bought a blue/green Kona, then a black one, my daughter wanted to learn to play the guitar so I bought her a black one, she loved it so much she bought 2 others and gave one to a friend as a gift all together we own 7 or 8 Kona's and have been pleased with them for the most part. if fact bought a few from the pawn shop and the rest from a local music store, they couldn't understand why I wanted this guitar until after they came in and I had them set up; for the money these were excellent guitars. Would like to try out a couple of your electrics. Thanks again for your speedy response.

  • Marirose

    First of all thank you for your IMMEDIATE response. If I have any problems , I know who to contact. Thanks again for responding right away. It's nice to know some companies still practice customer service. Have excellent holidays.

  • Kimberly Ward
    I am sending you this e-mail in regard of Mark Jabbens performance as our M and M technical representative. Thanks to Mark Jabben we have been able to increase the level of customer service we can offer to our customers. He is always available to answer any questions we may have, no matter how odd or simple they may seem. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the last year and I look forward to tapping into and utilizing his skill well into the new year and beyond. Jabben and DeWitt are our dream team here at Guitars and More and we wouldn't be doing so well in this economy without them.
  • Lawrence
    I trust you are doing well.  I just wanted to drop quick note and let you know how much I am enjoying playing my Kona KG1CEN.  I am able to get some great sounds play in "DADGCE."  I am playing contemporary acoustic and this guitar is perfect. 
    I just wanted to give a little player feedback on this model as I am finding the tone and sound seem to get better as I play more and more.  This is better than my Washburn D9C, which is not a bad guitar.
    Also, I want to make sure I am your mailing list on new offerings. 
  • JD - Waco, TX

    Just wanted to say that I have owned four Kona guitars, two thin body acoustic/electrics and 2 standard size acoustic/electrics. By far, they have exceeded my expectations in tone, playability, and quality. I have owned fenders, Washburn's, martins, and would rather play my Kona any day of the week.

    I am a working musician in Waco, TX. I play my Kona regularly and I am thoroughly satisfied with it. I will gladly recommend Kona guitars to anyone just starting or seasoned musicians.

    Thanks for a great, affordable product.

  • Gina (and Taylor)

    Thanks so much for the amp cords and other surprises as well. My son was THRILLED! Seriously! And it got here so fast! Your company has been excellent to deal with. Such a pleasure - and best of all - we're back to rockin and rollin!

  • Rick

    Thank you for your reply. As a player of some 50 years, I've gotten to appreciate good (and bad) instruments, and the price doesn't always seem to be the deciding factor. I'm not sure if I just got lucky but this particular guitar is a keeper. Thank you again for your quick reply,

  • LD Clark

    I spoke with Jay, then with Mark at M&M Distributors in Ft. Worth. NOW I understand why you think these are fantastic guitars. First rate. The one Mark set up is super easy to fret and sounds great. It also LOOKS real nice. Just thought I'd let you know. M&M's customer service is fantastic.

  • Stephanie

    I have wanted to play the guitar for years, I sing and play piano(more tinker than anyway), but the guitar just has something I think I need....the sound tugs at my heart. Life has a way of getting us busier than ever expected and now I am 41 and making the time for my first passion....arts oops make that 42 coming up on the 1st--wow Is the Kona acoustic a better fit for a woman? Love to hear back

  • August

    I received the package today and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Thanks for all the extras! KONA ROCKS! Next I will be purchasing a case for my guitar which will be a KONA case for sure!

  • Lynae Keith

    Thanks Mark for getting back to me so soon. I truly appreciate your attention to this matter. I'll let the customer know to expect his picks and other gifts in the mail. That was very nice also, throwing the gifts in that is. Great customer service! J

  • Jordan

    I received your package. Thank you very much. I definitely appreciate the strings and the extra saddle. Its little things like that that make me want to play Kona guitars exclusively. I will stand behind your guitars. I'm thinking about buying another acoustic electric, and an acoustic electric bass.

  • Larry

    I am sure you have heard this before, but I wanted you to know that your Kona guitars have a much deeper and richer sound that some more expensive brands on the market today. I own a KG1CEN and a KS12NE and the sound and feel gets better each time I play them. The feel and sound has it over my others and they are fairly nice guitars, but not a match for the Kona. You should consider adding a User Forum to your Web Site. I know what your niche is but trust me these guitars are the best kept secret on the market. Spreading the word on a forum will increase your market share. I purchased both of my Kona's from Butler Music and couldn't be happier with their service. My hats are off to whom ever is on your design team. You have some winners and I don't think I would switch the next time I am in the market. There is just something about the sound of your brand of guitars.